The first few minutes of this may be difficult to watch for some (it was for me, because of the owner’s panic and grief), but shows a dog who has stopped breathing being revived by CPR and it’s good to watch and see the method. 

omg wow this made me very emotional, but this is important.


Check out how honkin’ Bruce RC9GN director Josh Taback is! He literally shows us how he does what he does. #epic #thecheese


the animatic is DONE

i just exported the whole thing!

i mean its far from the final, but WE HAVE ALL THE SCENES  DRAWN and im sooo gonna draw some useless, crappy shit today,

aw yeah

you dont get to storyboard gross seal-suicide every day.

Hey guys, i dont wanna post the whole thing again here, so ill just link it:

Some character scketches for the cartoon we’re developing in this project!


daily reminder to click a button so you can give free food to a shelter!!


I remember the good old times when we all thought 9thgradeninja was just a fan-made blog too and the slight wave of panic that run through the fandom when we found out it was official and they saw EVERYTHING.

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i started sorting things in my art folder because there are a lot of unfinished things named with keysmashes but there was this sai file called “haveuhuggedurdogtoday” and i had no idea what it was so i opened it and haaa, it was this.

well, meow sure is fun to draw


The UN’s International Court of Justice has ruled that Japan must cease its whale hunting program in the Southern Ocean, which saw thousands of minke whales slaughtered, for the sake of “science.” 

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